Energy efficiency is a practice aimed at taking better advantage of energy resources.

In other words, it is the efficient use of energy, and as a result, an optimization of the overall production processes through the use of the same amount - or less - energy to produce more services and goods.


Optimizing energy consumption translates directly into an important tool for reducing costs.

Increase the lifetime of the equipment, ensuring that they function in the most appropriate conditions, particularly avoiding oversizing and overloading.

Enhancement of enterprise competitiveness by reducing production costs and as a result, improving production.

Greater respect and conservation of the environment by consuming less energy than needed, and in doing so, diminishing the consumption of resources as well as waste generation like CO2, particulate materials or same heat, not only in the plant but also along the entire production chain. All this contributes directly to improving the image of the company while adding to the welfare of the community where the company resides.




An energy diagnosis is the inspection, survey and analysis of the energy flow of an entire plant (service company or goods producer), and is part of a necessary process or system to understand the dynamics of energy and its transformation into the final product.

The energy audit is conducted in order to seek opportunities to reduce consumption or optimize the use of energy from the start of the process until the materiality of the product and its commercialization.

When the object of study is a building, it seeks to reduce or better the energy balance, while maintaining and improving the comfort, health and safety.
Beyond simply identifying possible sources of cheaper energy, the objective of an energy audit is to prioritize energy use in accordance with the lowest cost benefit, as well as all energy saving opportunities. It is the application of a set of techniques that determine the efficiency with which energy is used in a specific process or where ever it is applied.

In the diagnosis, we look for the most advantageous and feasible application of methods, forms and sources of energy, through a critical analysis from infrastructure to major consuming energy points, we seek to establish the best starting point for implementation along with a program based on controlling and reducing energy waste.


Every plan to reduce energy costs must begin with an understanding of how you are consuming energy resources. Based on actual data, you can plan the best and most efficient way to save energy.

In a project you can set goals for financial savings as well as discover new cogeneration potential thereby leveraging existing elements, with more or less investment. Many times you might think that it is impossible or impracticable to further reduce energy costs without really knowing all our potential savings in scale.


Set realistic goals for energy savings;

Design and implement a comprehensive system for saving energy;

Technically and economically evaluate the energy conservation measures; 

Reduce resource consumption without affecting production levels.

Automation and Control

"Increasing labor productivity, efficiency and energy savings are the benefits of a well-planned building. To achieve this, integrated solutions are needed. "

In recent years, trends and new needs in conceptual programs of buildings, be they corporate, commercial, industrial or housing, have forced  architectural and engineering firms to study a much more comprehensive view of the buildings. They have also been led to develop various automation systems that are creating increasingly more intelligent buildings. These projects have focused on, above all else, comfort, energy efficiency and personal and property security.

Studies in North American companies show that an official who feels safe and comfortable in their work environment can be up to 20 % more productive than one who does not have the same perception. To achieve and ensure these conditions as well as create an optimal work environment, you must have a much broader control of the entire edified environment.

Therefore, it is increasingly more common for people to seek to live and work in intelligent buildings for the advantages they present. This type of building has the ability to provide a more productive environments by optimizing its design, systems, services and management.

Automated properties contribute to the search for owners, occupiers and managers for better cost benefits, comfort, convenience, security and flexibility. A building that works in an automated manner has three objectives: saving natural resources, comfortability and reliability.

Automation is the channel through which you can monitor all the processes that occur in buildings and or companies which are made up of public areas, restricted areas, temperature control, ventilation and even provisions and energetic efforts. You can even assist the areas responsible for managing and maintaining optimization and at a reduction of costs on scale.


Execution and Installation of Systems

"Each company and each individual has different needs"

Bruke specifies and customizes energy management systems. Focusing on your goals and preferences, our objective is to invest in solutions that best fit your company thereby meeting its needs and accompanying its growth.



"The goal is to achieve maximum safety, physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the worker"

Today, topics associated with occupational health issues are a key part of strategies for personnel management in all large enterprises, as strategies focused on occupational health are crucial to a successful business. You can obtain clear advantages in reducing costs associated with health as well as improving productivity.

Environmental Diagnostics

"Know the best and most effective methods of addressing environmental aspects of your”

A good environmental assessment will reveal the most critical environmental aspects to focus your your actions on.

Bruke advises and performs these diagnoses using modern and user-friendly methods.


One of the main concerns of a company should be security and control risks that threaten the health of their workers, against both natural and financial resources.

The health of workers is essential for the growth and development of a company and in turn reflects the state of progress of a society; thus a healthy individual becomes the most important factor in any production process.

Bruke develops and customizes its projects for their employees so that operations and processes have the highest level of efficiency, safety and comfort, along with most profitable financial results.


Power generating equipment based on renewable resources produces clean energy that contribute to caring for the environment. Faced with pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels, renewable energies are already a low- cost, high financial return, easy installation and easy maintenance option with a grand durability.

Power Generating Equipment

Power generating equipment based on renewable resources produces clean energy that contribute to caring for the environment.  Faced with pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels, renewable energies are already a low- cost, high financial return, easy installation and easy maintenance option with a grand durability.


We know all the characteristics, abilities and limitations of our equipment and for this reason our services doesn’t end immediately after you receive your equipment. Our technicians are always on hand to respond to your specific queries.

We provide all necessary assistance to our customers so they can use their equipment in the most effective and efficient manner, offering only the most qualified technicians to provide each and every customer the proper maintenance.


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